In a weird turn that only my life seems capable of taking, Im driving to San Diego for the day with GDs manager. Ill see K-is-for-Kauffman, I hope, and Im taking my laptop and some reading material in case I cant get to a movie theater or in case I have to work or whatever.

Im half packed for NY, too, so thatll get done when I get back tonight, along with a precious few hours of sleep before my 7:30AM flight. Can you believe it? Thats about 14 hours earlier than I usually fly, so Im still wrapping my brain around it.

I had a meeting with a temp agency yesterday, so maybe Ill start working on a regular basis again soon. Well see. Ill try to post tomorrow before I leave (Ive been such a good boy about this stuff!) with stories of debauchery and craziness. Man, itd be awesome to have such stories to post after an afternoon in San Diego.