So yeah. Its in the 70s early this week in New York, right? When I get there? Low 50s. For days.

Ah well. At least it aint freezing.

If youre in NYC, you should absolutely plan on coming to Bootie that night at Element. Its a good way to dance the night away and itd be a good time to hang out with me, too, since Im not on the east coast very often. Its seeming like the next time Ill be on the East Coast will be for Beca & Daves wedding, which is looming like a tall, scary person over the shoulders of my travel plans. Wait, that metaphor is entirely wrong – I mean its coming up soon and I should do something about it. Like buy tickets. So yeah, if youre in DC and are missing me (and I know how many of you are), hold out till the end of April.

Today is all about getting a shopping cart to really work on the new site and tweaking my sweet-ass templates so they look even sweeter-ass. Maybe there will be some eating in there somewhere, too. Well see. Happy Tuesday.