Here we go again, only this time, were upping the physical violence. Karen and Laura star as the Brownie Thieves this time, with Dan filling the role of the unfortunate chef. Does that sleeper hold and karate-chop combo kill him? Is he just knocked out? The world may never know, unfortunately. Sillier and shorter than the others so far, this third Brownie project comes at you like a sucker punch.

Were getting a little faster to market with these clips, although I still would ideally like to do one in two days – one to shoot and one to edit. I didnt do as well with the sound this time out, largely because I forgot the fact that I can do the audio in Audition after the final silent cut is finished, only later re-importing it for final mastery. Whatever, its a fine piece of work.

T4D got sidetracked last night, so were going back to the drawing board to see what we can make better. Hopefully everything. Im clipping together a piece of another brownie movie that is going to fit into another piece of the puzzle, but this time its in black and white. Why that doesnt make the video file much smaller, I do not claim to know. This is for like Brownie6 or maybe 5. So far in the future.