At 30 or 31 and injured (and out for the season) again, McNabb is past his prime. Hell never lead the Eagles to another Superbowl; its unlikely that hell even ever lead them to the playoffs again. Proactive choices are the only thing thats going to keep talent looking at Philadelphia as a good place to play. We need to pick up a talented rookie QB from college and train him under our system (I hear Troy Smith is going to graduate soon, if youre at a loss for where to start). McNabb will still get us quite the bounty from one of the many teams hungry for an experienced (if fragile) team leader, but that value is only going to diminish as we have more and more losing seasons under his control.

Pooch the season, play the 2nd string as much as possible, develop and discover talent untested on the team, and situate the Eagles for great draft pick position next year and future excellence. This season is finished – dont drag it out.