So yeah.

I havent updated in awhile. Nothings happened, really. Heres a brief rundown:

  • Casting session for the political internet thing on Thursday. It went well.
  • Shot Brownie Project #3 on Friday afternoon. We lost the light so I didnt get quite as much as Id have liked to, but still. Overall, I think we got good stuff. Thanks to Woodys camera for that, I think.
  • I sent a bunch of resumes out again on Friday and didnt hear anything from any of them.
  • My throat started getting scratchy on Saturday, and its only now getting better. You can still tell I was all dumb-sounding.
  • Apex Theory on Saturday night.
  • Brady Campaign event with Karen on Sunday night
  • Computer work yesterday and today. Also, some MWS catchup.

This hasnt been a very detailed list, but it covers everything that Ive done for the last 120 hours or so. Happy mid-November hump, and I look forward to not being annoyed that Christmas is stomping on Thanksgiving just as soon as Ive served up some holiday turkey.