After two years, its time to retire the Nokia.

As most people who read clapboard know, I heve been laboring under the restrictions of a broken phone for the better part of the summer. The fact that lately, any vertical jostling or really any jostling at all renders the phone useless turned into the last straw. I called Sprint on Tuesday and got ahold of someone that was actually interested in keeping me as a customer. They extended me the same discount I would have gotten had my phone actually lasted the proscribed two years. Effectively, my main line of contact was only working 25% of the time and even then, it dropped almost every call that did manage to get put through.

So thats where I stood.

I just got the Samsung A900 in the mail and so far, its pretty sweet. Bluetooth, an MP3 player (with no expandable memory and only 48MB of onboard storage? Ghetto!), the new high-speed Vision plan, a decent form factor and a 1.3MP camera are all “perks” of this new phone. The fact is, I dont care what they say it does as long as it stays on and alerts me when there are calls, not afterwards.

Lastly, I finally replaced my old gold Samsung thatd been on my account for a million years as well. I figured I didnt have to do anything but go pick it up, and since I had just re-set my plan, it made good sense to get it now as opposed to sometime in the arbitrary future when I might need it more and want to re-up my plan less. That phone is this one here on the right.

Phone-wise, Im a happy Matt.

That is all. Thanks for reading.