So Im signing Tommy up for Skype and I find that Ive totally forgotten my Skype password that I set forever ago. Thats never actually happened before, and it makes me sad that its happened now, but whatever – such is life. What Im wondering now is whether any of yall are using Skype. I wanna call you all. Of course, my laptop doesnt seem to have a microphone built in, but thats okay – Ill just get a headset anyway.

Also, Ive updated my Google page(s) for the first time in eons, so thats something, too. Their calendar app is coming along nicely, although Id like a little more work on the interface before Im really happy with it. I do like that itll IM reminders to my phone. I feel like Im not too far from being able to use Google for just about everything. Creepy, but fun.

After work tonight, I head down to Brooklyn for a dinner of tasty food and maybe a drink, too. Well just have to see.