Feel safer after your government stepped up security protocols and now disallows gatorade, toothpaste and baby formula onboard a plane?

You shouldnt.

Last night I flew with my leatherman in my carry-on laptop bag. It has a locking blade and is way more dangerous than some boxcutters, this much Im sure of. Additionally, who knows what sort of havoc I could have caused with the included tools – pliers? Screwdrivers? Saws? Not reassuring, let me tell you, but a stark proof that its not our security measures at airports that are securing our flights, but our work in physically securing plane control centers and in our work on international diplomacy.

All this said, Im totally mailing my leatherman home, because as resigned as I was last night to have to fight for one of the best gifts Ive ever gotten, Im not risking lax or incompetent security again on Thursday night. But hey, Im in New York and it rules.