Ive just finished putting my workstation up in my new office!
Im currently stealing wireless, routing it through my laptop and then
to the house by way of wires that Ive been slowly running all day, so
its a hack job, but a working job, so I dont care. Itll be
another week before I get the actual internet connection working, Im
sure, so this is pretty good.

The last two days of work were dumb – they didnt hire anyone until
Thursday night and he has to give notice and then come over to
Relativity, so were looking at Matt being at Relativity a few days
next week doing nothing, which is supremely annoying. At least
Im getting a paycheck, so thats good. Then again, Ill be in
week 4 of my two weeks notice. Hmm.

Okay, Im off to continue putting the office together. Id like
to get the printers and the scanner up shortly. Anyone know anything
about fileservers? Also, I think Im ditching the smoothie box in
favor of a smaller, lighter, smaller-electrical-footprint Linksys
box. Well see.