I know its totally dorky, but why not make sure youre at least awake for the last time well have a sequential date like this in, umm, a long time. I mean, I guess next year well have one starting with 02, but its not the same. I didnt do anything to celebrate the event (I was barely awake and SO sleepy), but I did talk to Casey, who was on her way to work (?!?), so that was nice. Then I went back to sleep after totally mis-setting my clock and NOT setting my alarm.

Thanks to insomnia, I got up on time and made it to my meeting at Signature pictures just in the nick of time. It seems like theres an opportunity there, assuming that they pay me well enough to survive. Well see if they even offer me the job first. I missed out on another opportunity, unfortunately, and Im going to follow up on a third one today, although I sort of feel like Signature might be my best option at the moment. Well see.

NYC on Sunday and Monday, but no partying for me. Gotta get in and out with the maximum efficiency this time because money has been an issue recently and promises to continue to be one for the forseeable future. Mostly, i just need to get my roommates to move in and get another job lined up. Maybe making more money would be good, too.