I feel like it was just a couple of hours ago that I was sitting here, antsy to leave and to complete things from my long-and-growing list of house stuff that I want to get done. Now, here I sit, ~60 hours later and the cold reality of how little I got accomplished (and how much I spent to do it) is staring me in the face. I tried running cable, but failed when it became apparent that not one of my many assumptions about the way wed access the spaces I wanted were true.

Bootie was fun on Saturday, though, and I even managed to not go alone this time, which was nice. I think everyone had some fun, so theres even a chance that well go back next month. Assuming that Im in town, Im definitely going. Id like to be in town.

Sunday, I actually slept past 6am, which was amazing, since I havent done that in like a week. After the electrician was late to try to finish the work that needed to be done before the house was live-able, I went down to Home Depot to buy lumber for a bookshelf that I want to put in the office (and I dont like how its turning out so far…) and a top for my new desk. I returned network cable while I was out, and did a couple of other errands. Then I came back and built and just generally organized things, while failing to get the office remotely as finished as I wanted. Then I went food shopping at like 9pm. Thats not a bad idea, but I still spent a lot of money and only bought nonsense. I still dont have a silverware tray.

Whatever, now Im back at work and looking at a long week (or maybe a short week, depending on when I go to NYC). Then next week I have to come back here to train the new person (assuming that they GET a new person here). "Im not even supposed to be here today!"