Spring Leaf

Spring LeafSo the stupid thing with the cops has dominated my page for too long. Im spending the day today wishing I was outdoors, because although its only 62 degrees, the weather is perfect. I wish I had the opportunity to get outdoors in the mornings to climb the hill, but its just not possible when Im staying up past midnight every night moving and getting up already at or before seven for work. I cant wait till my life calms down and gets normal again. Of course, theres no roadmap for that ever happening, but whatever.

Tonight I deal with minutia (im terrible at that) and maybe with taking apart my bed (I wish). If I can get both of those things done, Ill be in great shape. Failing that, Ill probably cry like a small child and wonder how Ill manage. I have six or eight power strips that I have to deal with. Maybe theyll magically pack themselves and appear in my car so I can drive them to the new place. I can hope. Ill also post pictures of the move and the madness over the course of the
next few days, too, so you can all see the mess Ive created for myself.

Casey comes tomorrow night! Whee! Im trying not to get too stressed out thinking about all the things I want to be done by then and just focus on the fact that Im looking forward to her coming out. Well, that and to unpacking in my new house. Thatll be nice, too.