I havent done nearly as much as I thought I might this week, although
I did get some packing done (threw away a big trash bag full of
computer crap, including an ISA network card and my original 4x SCSI CD
burner. Im pretty sure it still worked, even, but I digress…), as
well as some organization of whats going where. Looking around as the
massive amount of computer and desk-related crap that Ive got here,
its dawning on me that having an office
in the new place is going to be key.

Im packing now for NYC this weekend, although Im going to come back
here before my flight, which isnt till 11:30 or something
tonight. Then two days in midtown to do JVS work before coming
back to LA to figure out the housing situation and the work situation
and just about every other situation all at once. nothing like a
little crunch time, right?

Okay, Im off to shower before my friday officially begins.