• Locked myself out of the house this morning. Almost broke
    the door banging, so I stopped. Finally got ahold of KM who let
    me in (thank god hes got a key), then fixed the door and was an hour
    late to work.
  • ran errands all day. not particularly productive.
  • Started packing bookshelves tonight. Krol would be proud, I
    bagged and boarded like 20 recent-ish Witchblade books that came in
    when we thought we might do that movie.
  • Im going to have a retarded number of computer things.
    after the small bookshelf is done, Im going to start that task.
  • I
    should also do photos that Ive found and negs I now have sleeves
    for.  Maybe when Im too tired to do the computer stuff anymore.

Thats all for now. Back to NYC on Friday night. Im such a loser. At least maybe Ill make some money.