cameraphone-121605Things of note over the course of today:

  • I now have nine books to read. CT is considering Patricia Cornwell, apparently, and I am to read and report on the books translatability to film, as well as their use of character and whether or not they generally suck or generally rule. How does book coverage differ from script coverage? Longer. Less focused on structure and more on visual style. When and how I’m going to read and cover nine books between now and the new year has yet to be determined. If I can do one tonight and two each tomorrow and Sunday, I might just make it. Unlikely. Somethings gotta give, though, because I’m doing it. So there.
  • RK ran out of gas on the way to work today. He was a block from the office, so I schlepped out and carried a couple of gallons of gas back to his car. Most people call AAA. He calls mAAAtt. Then I put $24 of gas in the car and went back to the office. That was also my lunch break, for what its worth.

That’s all Ive got right now. I have to finish the coupon and send it out tonight. Tomorrow morning, Im going to re-send the OTHER coupon and maybe do some design before I go back to reading. Yet Another Self Portrait (YASP) in the read more link. Have you ever met anyone more obsessed with himself than me? Jesus. Not that Jesus was more obsessed with himself than me – I was just swearing. Enough of this assholery – time to start my weekend oreading. Whoopee!

I put the SEXY in DYSLEXIA.