There are days when it feels like it might all work out. A couple nights in a row Ive been out with people who are going places and whose positions are better (but not a whole lot better) than mine, and theyve been supportive both of my goals and of me in general – Ive had two theoretical job offers in the last two days. By that, I mean, “As soon as this deal closes, I want you to come on board” sorts of job offers. Theres no deal, no money, and there likely will never be, but it doesnt hurt to have the offers on the table, however theoretical or tenuous it may be.

Then I look at the fact that I got NOTHING done today and wonder if Ill ever be out of the very position Im in now. Advancement means finding ways to do two jobs without killing yourself until youre so valuable at the better job that they have to get someone to do your original job so you can concentrate more fully on what youve been doing all along. What a pain.