weirdnoteSo I’m driving around Monrovia (where? No friggin’ clue. Still. And I’ve been there) looking for Becca’s Holiday Inn last night, right? Okay, I’m in the left lane, no one around, and I see it a little ways ahead on the right, so I make a gentle angle to the entrance. I only had to cross the right lane, then the shoulder to get there, and it wasn’t a high-risk maneuver or anything. Much to my surprise, I found this note on my windshield when I returned to my car after our late dinner. No one followed me into the parking lot as far as I could tell, and no one was walking across the street where I changed lanes.

I don’t know what to think about this note, either, because its friggin’ weird to put a note on someone’s car admonishing them for doing something that’s not technically illegal. I wasn’t at a stop light, and maybe it was a quick cross of the lanes, but not even that quick, really. But mostly, I wonder what this person gains by this note.

Now, the insufferable bastard within me would point out that its wide-ruled paper, and who carries that around? You cant see it in the scan, but it was top micro-perf, so someone was carrying around a pad of white, wide-ruled paper. And they don’t make a distinction between “left” and “lift” either.