Casey weekend – here and gone already!

Even though she was here from Friday night through Sunday night and we barely did anything, the weekend flew by. As we were driving to the airport, reflecting on the speed with which the weekend ended, we noticed that we also hardly left the house except to find food, and even that, we did largely from home. Very domestic. I made fried shredded wheat and later salsa con queso on Sunday, and we ate out at Barneys during the Michigan/Michigan State game on Saturday morning. Barneys doesnt open until 10am, which means that we missed the first quarter, but we saw the rest, and that included the victory.

The Eagles managed a strong comeback after their horrific first 20 minutes on Sunday, which made me happy, mostly. The new kicker (France?) got off to a rough start, but pulled a couple kicks out later that helped tremendously. I still want Akers back, though.

Fun, low-key weekend overall, so thanks for coming, Casey. This week is about getting tickets bought for my birthday celebration weekend (currently looking like Philly on the 22nd, and if you read this site, I want you there), getting car stuff in order, and connecting with people Ive been trying to connect with. Maybe I can also do a little writing. Well see about that.