Another September 11th come and gone, and except for the fact that I tried to (and succeeded impressively) stay busy all day, it was a pretty good day. Farmers Market in the morning after I let myself doze late, then went on my merry way. Talked with my mom, played GR with Drew. Went to the park with Jeannette and Jenni, then grabbed some pizza. [ As an aside, its sort of unfortunate how much i love pizza because its really bad for me. I eat TONS of the stuff whenever its around, and then it makes my belly fat, fat, fat. ] Then there was Santa Monica to swim (oh how I enjoy body surfing), which tired me out enough that later, I fell asleep on the couch watching Conan.

The rest of the weekend was low-key. Saturday flew by after an early-morning run to buy belts (Ive replenished my belt supply, Im happy to report), and both nights out were uneventful and inexpensive (the latter being of supreme importance these days).

Lots on the plate this week – enough that I don;t know how to list it all yet. I have to move things off the plate before I can identify them all. Anyone do anything interesting this weekend? Learn to salsa dance? Go camping? Build a chest? Man, I need more weekend days.