If the four people in Philly who still admitted to being Eagles fans were brought together in a room and forced to point out one good thing about last nights performance from their formerly-beloved Philadelphia Eagles, it would be that TO had a good, but not great night. His loud-mouthed obnoxious ass managed decent numbers, but numbers well within the range of a mere mortal. He was blanketed all night by a second year kid who managed to make the job look easy, and his decent-but-not-godlike numbers were marred by easy drops. If there were any justice in the world, TO would just say, “Yeah, Ive been an asshole, but even I recognize that a real star player would have made those catches.” Unfortunately, McNabb had a shitty night as well, getting crunched early in the game and basically not throwing well thereafter. I dont think it was a result of the hit, but he just didnt manage to connect with his receivers. And while were on the subject, where the hell was the bright play-calling from Reid? Where was the “spread it around” spirit that makes my birds so dangerous?

After a disastrous 1st quarter, the defense managed to ratchet it in a little (being famous for the bend-dont-break philosophy, afterall), but by then, it was too late. The offense just couldnt convert. And lets not get started on the two missed field goals that would ALSO have won us the game. The second most accurate kicker in the NFL shanked two 49-yarders wide right? Youre kidding.

Whatever – there are still 15 games to play, but with everyone else in our division coming up with a win and the defending NFC champs putting up a loss, its a bad way to start the season.