I finally did it.

This is what LA looks like from the top of the hill in Griffith Park at exactly seven am. Oddly enough, I forgot to set my alarm this morning, but managed to wake up at 20 after six anyway, and decided that there was no time like the present. So I got up and went over there. The weather was beautiful and the park was far from empty, which definitely means that I could get there 30 minutes earlier if I wanted to. Good stuff.

In other news, Ive been playing with the firewire ports on my computer, and for the first time, Ive gotten the video input thing working beautifully. Ive been inputting old footage and manipulating it with Windows Movie Maker because its not been worth the time to install something better just to learn how to import video on the Firewire bus. I can firmly tell you that there are notable liabilities of the software that Ive had trouble with already, and Ive only opened the software twice. Youll see what I mean when I upload the thing Im working on. Its not really frame-specific, and you cant adjust the length of transitions or inter-titles beyond a certain point. Its odd. I do have software to install, though, so maybe Ill do it this weekend and get something good up. Well see.

It is, finally, almost the weekend, and it cant come fast enough if you ask me. This week has dragged by – Ive been lying low, spending little money (beyond buying new underwear and soap, etc) and sort of generally floundering. Thats sort of lame, right? Even though the weekend doesnt promise to be any more active, really, I do think Ill get some good geekery done and maybe even some writing. Well see. If I had an account on the TMobile network, I would RULE. Shame its like $300 and I dont have $3.

Keep an eye on the site for a bizarre video featuring my cousin Jared and mind-meltingly stupid commentary by yours truly. It also includes a reference to James Van Der Beek and to another cousin of mine, one who ACTUALLY reads the site. This is really for him, only like 4.5 years late. Nothing like delayed gratification.