So last night, after returning from a meeting at Warner Brothers, one of my bosses, Lynwood, an industry vet with 25+ years of experience, tells me that Im basically wasting my time here, and that I should go find a gig at a studio or with a producer whos actively working on projects. Sound advice, right? Yeah, except when its your boss telling you, and when hes telling you that youre wasting your time. Wasting my time? Im already behind the curve, at least in my head, because Im turning 29 soon and still answering someone elses phone, and now Im wasting my time? This aint the time for that.

Rationally, I know Im not wasting my time. I know that this gig has been good for me, has allowed me to meet people, make contacts and learn a little about indie financing, although the longer Im here, the more certain I am that I wont learn anything real about financing a film or distributing a film until I try it. My friend Rene is in pre-pro on his $40k feature and thats a little inspiring, especially because I dont see how you shoot ten pages of his script on that. I would love to have some availability to work on that project, if only to see how they do it.

Anyway, with moving out of my beloved apartment already hanging over my head, Im adding an impending job switch to the roster of things with which I must deal. Geh. At least I dont also have to worry about money, too, during all this. Its nice to know that I have plenty of… oh, fuck it.