Heres the thing. Im about to have a weekend, and, during it, I intend to post pics of weddings that have already happened and maybe even of Hearst Castle. Im trying to get up early tomorrow and go to Hearst with Casey, which should be cool, since everyone says its amazing.

What I havent been able to do is ask people upon which scale theyre measuring Hearst. Is it comparable to Versailles? The Cloisters? A cathedral? I mean, what kind of impression does it give you? Is it cool, but with the caveat “for a 20th-century mansion” added to it? Is it just cool? Ive done a bit of reading, and it seems, from its history and the like, that its going to be worth the day trip (where well spend more time in the car than everything else combined). Well see – Ill mince no words or photos to bring you the straight dish on Hearst.

Responsible journalism. Its my thing.