Its already over!

Russ came and left already, and every bit of our weekend was full. Good times. Thanks to the time difference and his natural tendencies, we were up every morning by 8am no matter how late we were out the previous night. How fun! We had breakfasts, drove over Mullholland, spent time in the valley (learning to drive a manual is a requirement before a man gets married, I think) and went to a Saturday BBQ. He flew home yesterday at 3pm, and Kieran and I went on to a party in Manhattan beach. It turned out pretty well, although if this post were just about that party, it would be titled “other peoples girlfriends” because there seemed to be a lot of flirting with and being flirted with by other peoples girlfriends. I wonder if its some level of confidence on the part of the girlfriend that makes the usually-fruitless flirting fun for me. I have no idea.

Now that the weekend is over, I realize that what I really need is a personal day. Im swamped with crap that I dont have time for (or dont make time for), and a day when no one else is off from work and wanting to do fun stuff would be very good for me. Im going to try to get around the need for a day off (since Im taking time for two weddings, afterall) by force of dilligence, but its not going to be easy. There are already a long list of things that I want to accomplish this week that dont include the boring administrivia of my daily routine.