Sunday night, this guy calls my mom out of the blue and tells her that he was a friend of my father’s in Vietnam. Tough phone call for him to make, I’d think, but he did it, and the result was a picture or two that she forwarded on to me. And, like a good blogger, I pass it on to you. Some of you knew my dad, some didn’t, but all of you should have.

This picture (unedited by stupid fade effects) and the other two can be found by clicking on the read more link below. Ive gotta go – I’m late for work.

edit: It occurs to me now, that if you view this website the way most people view websites (maximized window, wider than it is tall), you’re only getting a little bit of the picture that I posted here, and that it repeats weirdly. Ive edited the repeat thing, but theres nothing i can do for you if youre viewing this page maximized all wide and shit. Ill try to keep your perspective in mind in the future, though.

The worries from above are obviously all gone now.
…MO 2016_1115