Thats friggin because the stupid LA Transit people close down the DASH bus out of the Beverly Center at 7:03pm. I can ride the bus to work, but then I cant get home again. this page illustrates my problem, just in case you were wondering. I was SO SET for using the bus a few times a week – excited, even.

So how am I supposed to do my part for less gas consumption? How am I supposed to start reading on my commute again? Im not saying that public transportation is an impossibility – I bet I could take another LA DOT offering towards downtown, then take the subway up to Hollywood, but who needs the hassle? Why make my half-hour long commute into an hour? Thats not cheaper or more efficient. I guess I could ride my bike, but that doesnt get me reading again. Of course, it WOULD burn off all the calories I dont get rid of by sitting on my ass and answering phones all day.