Its a little late, since I guess the 12th is the actual date, but Ive now officially been here a year. I guess, ignoring ups and downs of the day-to-day, Ive come a long way back to the world of the living. Working steadily and having a place to lay my head every night are two things that I dont take for granted, but anniversaries are good times to take note of them anyway, knowing that every aspect of life is subject to change at any moment.

Megans visit was fun – I never get to see her any more, and its easy to forget how awesome it is to spend time with someone whose personality and perspectives I so respect and enjoy. We got out a little, stayed in a lot and just generally caught up on things. It was a good time, and just shores up my resolve to maintain my upward swing so that eventually I reach a point where I can keep people close to me even when they live far away by visiting.

So were into year #2 in LA and Im going to try to be as much better off one year from now as I am now from one year ago. Lofty goals.