In the spirit of sharing, I thought Id share a kinda cool Greenday/Oasis mashup I heard on Winamp Radio this afternoon. I know its all old and shit, beat to a pulp all over the internet, but I dont care because Im so behind the curve of whats cool that Im just starting to hear it now. Originally pulled from Darknet after a Google search for the tune, Im reposting it here for your listening pleasure. Its made by a guy who goes by Party Ben, whose mashups are pretty neat, if i do say so myself. Checkout the Oasis/Green Day mashup of Boulevard of Broken Dreams right here. It reminds me of something youd hear in a set by Z-Trip (whose album is great, btw, and if you dont have it, get it, then go to a show and buy a t-shirt, since thats the only way that artists profit nowadays anyway).