For a weekend where I didnt do a whole lot, this one really flew by.

Yesterday, I played volleyball, which I always enjoy, and saw HITCHHIKERS GUIDE…, which didnt suck. Saturday was breakfast with Steph and then taking her to Clairmont (sp?) and sushi there, which took up most of the afternoon. Otherwise, I spent the weekend working on my servers and sleeping. At least I played vball. One of these times, Ill actually get good enough to not be embarassed that Im there – lets guess when that may be. Ideally, by June, Im at least competitive. Of course, to be competetive, Ill have to play more than twice a month, but thats what Id like to do anyway.

Nothing slated for the week, so maybe Ill be able to get a ton of stuff done on my server and on MWS. Ive got a lot to do with both.