While the premise stayed the same, this years Perfect 10 model boxing event was massively different from the one held just last year.

fightI mean, the fighters looked pretty much the same, but the arena was totally different. Rather than the Perfect 10 mansion in Beverly Hills, the venue was Avalon in Hollywood. It was at night, during the week, and run by a promoter. They sold seats, etc., and it was much smoother than last year. Big improvements.

The non-improvement was the fact that I was a tool and didn’t take my camera. I thought that it would be much more official than it was last year (and it was), but not so official that I couldn’t have taken a shitload of pics. As it was, I took a few shots with my cameraphone, and I’m going to share them here. The caveat that they’re friggin’ cameraphone pics applies in spades, however, so keep that in mind before clicking read more.

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…MO 2016_1115