It was a gorgeous weekend. Weather was perfect, warm days, cool nights. Was all excited about going out on Friday night, and then got dismissed harder than I have in years, only to learn on Saturday that it wasnt intentional. Hmm. Very strange. That situation may well still be developing, and Ill give you more on it as time goes by. Then again, nothing might happen at all. Life is weird that way.

Saturday was the all-networking, all the time day. I got my huge home network run, including hours of crawling around in the attic, drilling random holes and then hoping my custom-cut cable was long enough. After a couple of false starts (I definitely stapled through the 40-year-old phone cord and destroyed my hopes for an easy DSL install), I managed to get the internet installed on not one but every computer in my home! Yay for the internet. I have it.

Yesterday was a great day, too, but less from a geeking-out standpoint than from a “getting crap done” standpoint. Bought home essentials (a home just isnt a home without tinfoil!), climbed the hill at Griffith Park (2x a week? Ive got to be crazy), got online with the XBox yesterday and played Mike in Street Fighter for the first time in years. I got thoroughly whupped, and it was just like sitting on the couch at the pad. Good times! Now all I have to do is start staying up till 2am so I can catch a couple rounds with him before he goes to work. Damn time differences. Last night, I went to a cool German pub and then Howl at the Moon (3-for-1 drinks on Sunday!) and drank beers with my friend Aimee, which was a lot of fun, but now Im tired and have a long day ahead of me. Tonight is a brief (probably) meeting at Dimples, then a movie tomorrow, business drinks on Wednesday, then I fly out to NYC on Friday night. Yeesh, right?

If youre going to be anywhere near the New York area this weekend, you should make an effort to see me – itd be cool to catch up, even if it is for a very short time.