No shit, there I was at Barneys Beanery, watching the Eagles play, and they won.

Shit. I messed it up again. Oh well. Anyway, for the 4th time in 4 years, the Birds are headed to the the NFC championship. Say what you want about the record-tying three losses, say what you want about this years NFC being the chunks-spewingest conference in many years of football (with my beloved – except the Cowboys – NFC East being possibly the worst of the lot), say what you want about the Eagles not having T.O. or about Pinkston not being able to catch the ball (although who had the most 50+ yard receptions in the NFL during the regluar season? Oh yeah. Your bad.) – are you hearing me? Say whatever you want, but the Eagles are an annual powerhouse worthy of being where they are, worthy of playing in the Super Bowl.

So cross your fingers and watch the show next week – a little extra fanbase never hurt anyone.