Yup. Fall. Made apple sauce out of Red Delicious and Granny smith apples. Pounds and pounds of em. Of course, it all boiled down to about two servings, but such is life, right? Its the applesauce that counts. Dont let anyone tell you differently.

I went to train at Relativity again today, and will go tomorrow, for a few hours, unless the whole MWS thing gets out of hand again. Theres something wrong with the way changes get published to the server, and its driving me crazy. If I can fix that, Ill stay here and work.

Did I tell you I got a new phone? Yeah. I know youre psyched. It rings when people call, the earpiece doesnt fall out of my ear (wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles), and its generally smaller, lighter and cuddlier than my old phone. I dont much like it, honestly, for all the things it cant do, such as usefully browse the web, play movies off removable media and easily sync with my PC. Ill be buying a real phone again as soon as I am financially solvent. After, of course, after the rebates come in.

Theres more here, thoughts on religion and extremists, thoughts on loneliness, thoughts on sleep deprivation and sensory deprivation. Just some of my thoughts on financial solvency, for example, could fill volumes. Musings about principle that defines our actions, about that which conflicts with principle (what do we even call it? Temptation? Addiction? Weakness? Distraction? I am afflicted with all of these maladies and more and still cant tell if they only compromise my principles or if they help to shape them, somehow) and about all manner of unfulfilled potential and unmet expectations could make my head explode if I thought about them enough. I wonder about a lot of things during the course of any given day, and none of them make it to my seat here with me in any coherent form, so none of them make it out into written form. Its a little annoying to me (mental constipation?), but its is good for you, trust me. This paragraph could only be made worse by any inane attempts to flesh out the things I wonder about into fully-formed questions.