After a month of not showing up for work, going in late and leaving early, I decided that it was time to buckle down for the basically six weeks between now and christmas (three in November, three in December, not counting Thanksgiving week and some time before Christmas) and work my fingers to the bone, both at legitimate business (the DVD thing) and at more sketchy stuff (consulting, PA work, etc). Well, lo and bahold, this is the week that things are slowing down at the DVD place. Went in on Friday, and after my first task, they started handing out busywork. Worksheets, dittos, things you do in High School, not in the business world. Out of control, I tell you.

Yesterday was a massive re-tooling prep day for MWS, which will be undergoing a major redesign between now and christmas. I got some good stuff done there, so thats a plus, but the lack of a real, full-time job is starting to get to me. Since Im home from work already, todays now going to be about writing two scenes of the Patron Project and maybe a few pages of the Superhero thing, and then some more template work for MWS. Gotta be productive in any way that I can.