The eve of my favorite holiday approaches quickly, and Im not sure if Im coming out of my funk or settling into a longer, shallower one. Its frustrating, because the conversation that I had with Priscilla the other day (more than a week ago) about happiness vs contentedness has stuck with me (mostly because I came to a vaguely complete conclusion about the relationship between the two, but dont know where I stand in the equation), as have my dealings with Katie (visited last weekend), the health of my Uncle (im spending anything like prayer that passes my lips on his speedy recovery), the state of my career (such as it is) and the steadily-declining state of my finances, and theyre all leaving me numb. There are a lot of conflicting things going on in my life, I guess.

The topic at hand is Halloween, and I have a decision to make about whether to go out with Brads ex and her friends or whether to stay in and wallow, hoping to wallow my way, sooner, out of this particular mire. No promises as to what lays outside this one, but the prospect of change is very soothing to my inner pilgrim. Im going to be Ken from Street Fighter for Halloween. I dont have a red gi, though, so Ill need something else – maybe white will do. I know he wears red and blue, so white may not work (its Ryus color), but its my best bet, as black would hide the belt and the chucks. I know Ken doesnt use em, but my idle hands need something to do.

Im off to finish my coverage on SECONDS. Two-word summary: “too slow.” Thanks for reading.