Im trying a new tactic approaching my current project. Im planning to outline the entire script, literally every scene, before I open Final Draft and write a word of dialogue. Ive always been a free-former, an instinctual writer, and it serves me well, as long as the idea is simple enough for me to grasp all at once and as long as I have a good idea of the through-lines before I start.

Ive given myself till the end of July to have the outline complete, then Ill do the script in August, assuming that things stay the same for me here. Between outlining and writing, Im going to go back to do a fourth draft on my last one to help me artificially expand my timeframe and get some distance from the new thing.

I didnt update enough about the PATRON PROJECT, so Im going to do it more for this one, probably until you get sick of reading about my missed virtual deadlines and mangled attempts to get it all down on paper.