Russ was here all weekend, as you probably know, and for some reason, Im thinking about the way things were, and what that means for the way things are now. When we lived in NYC, the four of us never hung out. Its strange, but Russ was, indeed, the glue that held us all together, and its his bonding influence that has us together now. He was so good at talking about why he loved his friends that you couldnt help but have great feelings for them, even though we never hung out all together. I have to say that I dont think he oversold these guys, either. I hope he didnt oversell me.

That said, Im beginning to think that Ill never get a job ever again, that Im doomed to rot away in hunger and pain while. Okay, thats a little dramatic. A lot dramatic. Its a holiday, okay, I cant expect there to be a lot of work posted today. Whatever, Im just bored and tired of being abjectly poor and Id really like to get something that I can use to start paying my bills. Its dumb, never working, just as dumb, Im discovering, as working all the time. Theres gotta be a damn happy medium. Im working to find something that may be just that happy medium–work that I can do that I will enjoy and that wont ruin me in a mere six months. Sounds like a mythical beast to me, but Im all for hunting it anyway.

I think I should go catch a flick tonight (Spiderman 2 was good last night, btw), just to offset the weird emptyness that Im feeling right now. I want to eat, but Im not hungry. I want to sleep, and I am tired, but its only 5pm. Id really like to go do something, esp. since its a holiday, but things cost money, and that I do not have. That said, however, I AM going to build a bed in the next week or so, so look out for that.