Im beginning to expand my ideas of what it means to be in LA. Ive been doing some things right, but Ive been trapping myself into small thoughts, goals rather than dreams, and thats not my forte. Not to say that I want to eschew practicality for whimsy, exactly, but Im ready to broaden my idea of what I can do to succeed.

That said, I have no idea how to proceed other than by doing largely what I have been doing. Writing, looking for jobs and places, going to the beach, these things are necessary and good for my well being. I can expand things by talking to more people, figuring out what itd take to get a meeting with people that can get movies made, what it would take to convince them that Im their guy. Geh. Big ideas all resolving into focus at once. Hurts the head.

Newsy bits: I saw a place yesterday that I liked, at the 101 on Santa Monica. Well see if the woman thinks I pass the credit check. I kind of hope I do, but wouldnt be heartbroken if it doesnt come through. Well see what happens, and of course Ill let you know. I worked on my outline yesterday afternoon, and had sushi last night right nearby. Emily at the Dime took care of my need to drink for well but cheaply, and I got to drive up Highland Ave late at night. I cant say that it helped my focus, but Im pretty sure that having a good time never hurts that focus, either.

Oh, and hair pics will post later on, I just dont feel like dealing with photoshop and such right now.