Sometimes, I wonder why people talk about how great the weather in LA is. I’ve been stuck in the middle of June Gloom for the last ten days, and Im sad about it. I know that the weather isn’t key to me getting a job or an apartment, but its nice to be able to wake up in the morning to sunshine, knowing that I could run down to the beach to relax and swim and maybe play volleyball if I want to.

Here’s the extended forecast for the rest of the forseeable future, and its all like today–white, featureless clouds until about three, then some sun too late to warm things up to make it beach weather. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with the beach, but I have some guesses. Its close, but functionally out of reach as long as the weather stays crappy, and its concrete, unlike the always-receeding job opportunity that I’m chasing.

Yesterday was fathers’ day, so I made a whole bunch of phone calls. I talked to fathers that have been important in my life throughout, and that felt like the right thing to do. I also talked to my immediate family, which was cool, since it’d been awhile for all of them. Mom & Em were on the beach, which was probably awesome, and Drew was flying to the West Coast, only too far away for my broke, unemployed ass to be able to get up to see him. Weak.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful–a late night, as I reported, on Friday, followed by a standard one on Saturday, and not much else. I did find out that Ill be using significantly fewer minutes on my cell phone plan in the months to come, which sucks, but if its for the greater good, I support that decision. I also took pictures of my head this weekend, but i forgot to bring my camera this morning, so Ill have to paste em up here later. Be prepared to know fear at the size of my hair.

I’m off to CL, the Job List, and a couple of return e-mails to hunt down the elusive employment opportunity. Ill also see what there is to see by way of apartments while I’m over here. Maybe there will even be some time for consulting work. Well just have to see.