So this is where I live. Those are my legs and feet, even. Shot in bad color (because its dark there), and hastily, but my room nonetheless. See my “entertainment center?” Im getting antsy for a new place to live, so Ive been looking into getting a new spot, maybe a real apt. on a month-to-month basis, but its doing me fine for now. I just want to be able to have visitors without signing them in.

That happened again this weekend, as Cat brought her new boy (Jake) and her new roommate (Kristine) down. The new boy is cool as hell, the roommate, though, not so much. Whatever, she bailed right after dinner on Saturday, so it was totally no big deal. I drove them back to the desert on Sunday, which was good because my plans were cancelled at the last minute on Sunday (as LA plans seem to be, unfortunately–I wasn’t important enough). Driving out into the desert is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Today, I sent out like 6 resumes and got one call and went on an interview, all pretty fast. The job is a directors assistant (two directors, actually, a husband/wife team) and is the interview Ive been most interested in thus far. It felt like I fit in there pretty well and they seemed to like me, but well just have to see. If they offer me a job, the determining factor would be the rate. Its in Santa Monica, happily, and Id really like to live down that way, so that’d be awesome.

I tried to buy a DVD today, but couldn’t come up with anything that I wanted. Isn’t that a fuckin’ tragedy? I just wanted to give myself a movie for working all weekend and not going out to have fun at all, but NO, Amoeba Music couldn’t help me out. Weak. Okay, Sbux is closing, unfortunately, but I’m trying to come back and finish out the day here so I can get back to midday e-mailers before 24 hours have gone by. Anyway, lets keep the fingers crossed, and well see what happens.