So I spent this morning doing laundry and other mundane, but important tasks. I cleaned my room, threw things away, organized some clothes, etc. Boring, huh? But, that said, I did some reading and got engaged in the idea that no one alive has seen a living giant squid. Really. No one alive? Damn. Its almost enough to make me give everything up to go out on the ocean to search for the beast. I mean, so what if they live in lung-crushing depths? So what if their atmosphere is so murky that light cannot long penetrate the gloom? So what if theyre known to be extremely intelligent and potentially very dangerous? I think it would be a helluva ride. Certainly spending the rest of my life alternating between deap-sea submersibles and decompression chambers would be more exciting than eternally looking for jobs in LA. All I have to do is to manage funding.

Yeah. Okay, so Ill go back to looking for a gig. But its easier some days than others. Today, for example, Im sore from swimming, sore from volleyball, and disoriented from staying up late and getting up early-ish. This is the best time to train, isnt it? Maybe Ill go for a run after Im done here. That would be punishing enough to be worthwhile, right? They say that the best time to train is when youre physically and mentally exhausted, right? Weve even got a great hill I can run up.

Besides running to further waste myself, I intend to type my screenplay some tonight, although, realistically, I think theres a good chance that it wont be ready for sending till Monday, but thats okay. I mean, its not going anywhere anyway. I am sort of anxious to finish it because I feel like my time is better spent coming up with another script than working on one thats already written. I mean, Im only capable of bringing a script so far anyway, right? Yeah. Im off to search for jobs and send resumes.