Here it is, my new wireless router. Full of the devils promises, this thing torments me with the gulf between its possibilities and my knowledge. Nonetheless, I intend to fight the good fight and attempt to figure out how to defeat ignorance and fear and doubt and sloth with the sword of
determination and the shield of effort.

Okay, thats silly.

What I mean to say is that this routers functions will allow and entice me to do a few new things. First, Ive enabled WEP. I havent tested its strength, but I have a 128-bit shared key to help keep initial transactions secure.

Second, and more importantly, Im trying to learn how to set up VPN connections. A VPN connection will: A) allow me to connect to anywhere from anywhere using my own connection, regardless of firewalls and other annoyances. B) Allow others to connect securely and seamlessly to my home network, giving them access to our shared files, including shows from my newly-minted PVR. As time goes on, this will also include more movies and various other files that Ive downloaded and created. C) Create plausible deniability for any and all websurfers who use the VPN as a proxy, because as our privacy is chipped away in the name of “security,” this is becoming ever so much more important.

That’s it on the technology front, except that Nathaniel did the Flash work on the logo at,and I haven’t even congratulated him in public yet.

So… congratulations!