This weekend was one of celebration – Friday’s dinner through Sundays Superbowl snafu. We were pretty much celebrating the whole way through, in some small way.

Katie’s party went very well – she was happy with it. But for the slight inconvenience of one reveler who pre-partied to the slight detriment of the group, we were all in a good zone and very happy. Russ came out, Mike and Heather showed, even Donna made an appearance. Late in the evening, we met with Brad and his actors crew – much to the delight of some of our assembled ladies. I talked to Brad about his early LA experience, which has generally been good, and chatted with another friend of his about shooting some flick in the near future. There’s always something, though, isn’t there? Yeesh.

Janet Jackson’s Superbowl breast incident was almost as interesting as the first half of the game, although the game got better after the second half began. For the record, I think there was a stunt planned, but not of that magnitude, and the baring of Janet was more-than half unintentional. It made me wish I had my PVR on, though. Ive gotta work with the codecs some in the next few days to try to get better quality while I record.

I’m off to do SS work, then to MWS for a meeting about whats next in the realm of their computer needs. I haven’t heard about the traveling job, which means I didn’t get it, and Ive yet to hear back from any of the resumes Ive sent out from Craigslist – its like a black hole that sucks in resumes with gravity so powerful, no reaction is ever heard. Whatever – craigslist can bite me. I have JVS.

I’m putting the Short List below – the Short List is the list I’m keeping of pressing matters–creatively speaking–that I’m trying to tackle. Its dumb because it seems so small, but making time and doing it all seems very daunting. Not on the short list are things that don’t require my creative attention as much, including, but not limited to, the editing of web pages, work on SS, cleaning, organizing, phone calls, e-mails, computer building/configuring, networking, applying for jobs or anything else that I spend my time on. Just in case you’re interested. If anythings missing from the Short List, let me know. I know this is going to be too short to reflect everything at the moment, but it’ll have to do.

  • Venture Submission
  • Patron Project Outline
  • Serial Story

I feel like this crap requires some explanation, but I’m going to let it ride for now and see how it plays out over the next few days.