I used to do these all the time. I guess I pretty much quit doing them when I got unemployed and my weekends werent any different from my weeks, but part of this years efforts is to get back to a more regular schedule, and weekend updates will probably be among them. So, what to mention from this busy weekend?

I had a hooker get in my car on Saturday night.

I was dropping Russ off on 45th between 10th & 11th. We remarked at how cold the hooker in the red miniskirt mustve been as she walked away down towards 11th avenue. As Russ walked to his car, I tried to roll down my passenger-side window to say something, only to realize that the weather strip was frozen, so I couldnt put the window down.

I pulled over in front of Russ car a little way, figuring Id just lean over and put a little pressure on the window, sort of giving the motor some assistance, you know? Thats easy to do in a car like mine that has no frame around the window.

So I put on the Emergency Brake, took off my seatbelt, leaned over, opened the door a crack and tried again to put the window down. As I gave a little push (gently, so as not to damage the internals), the door pulled away from me and in hopped the red-clad hooker.

I blinked in amazement, because last Id seen of her was a couple minutes ago, and she was walking away down the hill. Id actually forgotten all about her. So she smiles and says to me “Want a date?” And I replied some stammering thing about just trying to fix my window – which, in retrospect mustve seemed like a pretty flimsy excuse from a John whod changed his mind, but whatever. So she said okay and hopped back out of the car.

I wish Id asked her questions, I wish Id been prepared. I would love to know how much she charged, what the hell she was doing out in the 45th street wasteland, etc, etc. I should have offered to buy her some pizza or something, maybe. I dont know. I was sort of conflicted about the whole thing (during the drive home, at least), because on one hand, shes an adult and can do what she wants. Who am I to offer anything but what shes working for? Also, there are probably a lot of wannabe good-samaratan-types out there, and theyre just annoying. That said, though, the flip side of that equation is that it was just damn cold outside and no mistake.

So thats my hooker story. Not as interesting, I guess, as most hooker stories, but as far as my life goes, I never really thought Id inadvertantly trick a hooker into thinking I wanted to have sex. Ive always thought of myself as the kind of guy thatd never lead a hooker on. Time to re-evaluate my thinking, I gues. Anyway, she didnt seem to care much, either way.

In other news, Karen and Nick are going to move out in a month or a month and a half – its time to look for another roommate, I guess. If I was more prepared, maybe, Id have a different solution – one that involved going to Europe for awhile, but thats not to be right now.

I went out with Russ on Saturday night, and we had a good time – independent of the hooker incident, of course – the party for his friends boyfriend was full of people that thought I was boring and Underbar was as packed as Ive ever seen it. Underbar always delivers, though.

This week is about finishing up updates for the MWS site and trying to find a friggin job. This going hungry crap is getting tiring.