So, for the new year, Im making submitting news an option for Clapboard.

I know this isnt Slashdot, but I think its a good way to expand the interest base of the little site that Ive got going over here. I have no idea if well even get submissions, and if we do, I have no idea what kind of submissions those will be, but thats okay – this site has always been largely about experimentation anyway.

As time goes on, Ill probably be adding topics (Holidays and a Clapboard-specific topic spring to mind), and if things get really busy (wishful thinking), then Ill make use of the limited-administrator rights that I can assign to users. There are lots of potential uses for this site, so Im trying to make use of more of that potential.

Im thinking community blogging here, low-budget style. Maybe youre thinking that youd like a place to post the occasionally, maybe youre thinking differently. Im interested in anything you might submit.