So the long-ass weekend is finally over and Im back to the daily grind of figuring out how Im going to scratch out a living this month.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I ate more food in the last 5 days than Ive eaten in the last 2 consecutive weeks and I loved every minute of it. I lit fires in the fireplace that lasted all day (and used wood so good that it deserves its own epic poem, but thats another tangent), watched the Eagles win, had a toast to life with both of my siblings and went to a place Id never been to listen to a bad band play some uninspired tunes.

It was good to be home, good for me to see my family and spend time with them, but now I have to focus on my rent money for the month of January. its about time that I stopped this lifestyle of being hungry and wondering where Im going to get my damn rent – its just silly. Maybe I should become an investment banker. I hear they get steady paychecks. I bet they even have holiday parties that they can dread. Imagine that.