i feel like this is a topic that I should have had long ago, but its better late than never, right? Ill go back and edit some old entries to match the new scheme, too. People I need to be wishing a happy birthday to today are:

  • Becca
    great friend, wonderful human being and the person solely responsible for keeping space “out there” and not “in here.” I, for one, appreciate that quite a bit.
  • Karen, my roommate. She’s always got some drama and she hates her job, but thats okay cause we have fun on the rare occasions that we have the same schedule.
  • Cathy, whose birthday was yesterday, but I didn’t know until long after I was going to do any updates to the site. Even bad days can be your birthday, unfortunately, but I hope we had fun
    some anyway.

So that’s the list for today. Pretty impressive. I haven’t made up my mind about going to my mom’s yet, but the odds are good that I’ll go pretty soon. Mainly, I have to shower and pack though.