It turned out to be a good, if abbreviated, weekend in Baltimore afterall. Saturday was gorgeous, there was time spent at Patapsco State Park and in Historic Ellicott City, dinner at Rubys and an absolutely amazing show at the 9:30 club that was so good it even failed to be ruined by the fact that half the crew I was there with bailed, leaving me with effectively no place to stay for the night.

It turned out okay, though, because I drove back to Brooklyn, and, while I was afraid I might crash and die, I turned out to be okay (with a few scary moments of tiredness or thick fog) and watched football on TV and went to bed early. At least there was no traffic.

Today, I think Warm Hands Now will go live, so go buy tons of things from the site – help legitimize my work! Thats all for now – mad SS Tixx to be doing, as I only did a few over the weekend. Im catching up on the Uninstall Feedbacks, too, even though it looks like Ill probably be losing my job with SS soon because there doesnt seem to be as much money as there used to be. That would suck, but Im in financial upheaval anyway these days, so….