So I made it!

Last night was fun–bars in Baltimore near Sharons house after driving around from Megans house (where I got to hang out with her, see her new car and get some pizza). I saw where Scott works–in some ways, an old-era dot-com. It was cool. Good to see Megan, too, in her new surroundings. Lastly, there was some time for going to UMBC to wander around and stare at things–not as fun without a friend there with me, but still really interesting–there was a temporary installation where the 10,000 flushes pond used to be. Weird.

Today is maybe a movie, some food, maybe even a show in DC, although the $30ish that Ill have to spend seems hard to bear these days. Dinner at a new Rubys with Kurt is in the cards, as is a drink in DC afterwards. Otherwise, its all up in the air.