Man, as always, its been awhile, but Ive been busier than, uhh, someone really busy. Also, I broke Emilys internet (which was actiually her tech supports fault), so I couldnt read/post from SU).

Friday-Monday AM was Syracuse, where I caught Matrix3 with Emily again, ate more than Ive eaten in months, saw my mom (who was deathly ill that night). watched PCU and generally had a good, low-key time. I owe Emily a big “Thanks” for putting up with her older bro on her couch for three nights, too. Oh, and thanks, roommates, for not hating me.

Tuesday was sad “megan moving” day, and Im still not fully recovered from getting up at 4 in the morning, getting a van and moving things in and out of houses on the same day. Im pretty tired, and sad that Megs not here anymore, too. New York is colder now.

Now I have quite a bit of MWS work to do in the next few days. I have catching up with SS tix to do, too, but Ill manage. I feel like not nearly enough cash is coming in, though, so I have to get in gear. Im outta here to work on just that for the moment. Thanks for reading.